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Hello there! It's a lot of text but if you'd like to learn more about me:

Since my birth, I have loved and appreciated animals. From stuffed animals to animal figurines; I collect a lot of things. When I was a kid, girls were expected to play with dolls and barbies. Never was interested in those.. my friend liked horses so we had horse toys. This was the 90’s so between old MLP and today’s MLP, there were toys of actual horse breeds. Anyways, I gravitated to all the much cooler boy* toys, like Transformers (Beast Wars), Pokemon, Digimon, Jurassic Park, and dinosaurs in general. When my friends would play house — I always wanted to be the dog. And my favorite video games were (and mostly still are) ones where you could turn into something or be something other than human.

I was homeschooled since 4th grade and started college classes at 15. I attended two different community colleges then a 4 year school after that. I got my BFA in Graphic Design, emphasis on illustration. In my last semester I did an internship and decided Graphic Design wasn’t for me. I’m glad I went to college and I learned a lot more then just art stuff; One teacher vanished mid semester, (pretty sure he got mixed up in some gambling issues). Then there was this couple who taught together and they.were.nuts. But the main thing I learned was ... you don’t need a degree to be a great artist. And you don’t need to be born with talent. It’s practice. And discipline. Your portfolio is what matters, not your pedigree.

*ToysRUs would separate their toys into stereotypical selections: pink section had dolls and Barbies, blue section had all the things I liked.

A few other things about me:
  • I love everything Japanese: culture, language, food, style, etc.
  • The Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books shaped me as an 8-year-old.
  • I grew up with Disney movies.
  • I love foxes.
  • My Netflix recommended is mostly Horror, Documentaries, and Kids movies.
  • I love horror movies but I faint at the sight of blood in real life.
  • Edward Gorey is amazing.
  • Currently writing several children's books.
Thanks for reading!
Mar 3, 1989 (Age: 32)
Asheville, North Carolina (beautiful mountains!)
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Artist / Writer


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