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    (Commission) Selling: ☆ OPEN ☆

    YCH has reduced price, now 7€!! All the slots are still open
  2. Kuunsirpale

    (Commission) Selling: ☆ OPEN ☆

    ☆☆☆ Currently I have ongoing YCH for now! After that I'm updating my commission prices! https://www.furaffinity.net/view/40706084/ YCH is 10€, little bit NSFW (mature filter). I'm going to have 10 slots and all of them are still free! ☆☆☆ I have ArtStation if you are intrested...
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    Draw the poster above you thread

    Well the rules says I can draw someone from here: " More importantly, should you choose to participate, you draw the person above you... or somebody in the thread." I was about to draw someone later on because I replied on mobile but don't worry I already deleted my comment :') I' m just gonna...
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    Show me your art!

    Most recent art of my fursona Lyra ✨✨
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    Looking for RP partners! [1x1]

    Someone intrested in a pirate themed rp? ✨
  6. Kuunsirpale

    No prob <3

    No prob <3
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    ✧✧SHOW ME YOUR OC'S!✧✧

    My only furry currently is Lyra <3 Bought her design from @veekuro (instagram)
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    Looking for RP partners! [1x1]

    Hi! I'm fairly new to the furaffinity community but I have long past writing. I just want to say that english isn't my native language so I hope that doesn't bother you if you decide to contact me. I'm 23 y.o and I hope you are +18 because I would love to write NSFW but we can keep it SFW too...