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  1. Kuwamochi

    Befriending your fursona

    I'd hang out with Riku. He's his own character, but we're still similar enough where we'd be bros.
  2. Kuwamochi

    (Base/YCH) Selling: $5 Wind Waker style YCHs

    Hey guys, my partner has put up some cute, super cheap YCHs based off the Wind Waker promo art with a turnaround of two weeks www.furaffinity.net: LoZ: Wind Waker Style YCHs!! (SLOTS OPEN!) by hellgayte They're $5 each but he's offering discounts for bulk buys!
  3. Kuwamochi

    Furry Art Pet Peeves

    My only real peeve is when people give rabbits paw pads
  4. Kuwamochi

    Prefered horror games

    I like psyche horror, but those sort of fridge horror type games are really good too. Like the LISA series as mentioned above, or those that the horror is more so over some sort of tragedy than a fight for survival. But I do like a good frollic through Silent Hill or Resident Evil somtimes.
  5. Kuwamochi

    Talk about a movie you've seen recently!

    I watched Detective Pikachu a few nights ago. Very stunning special effects, kind of silly but still touching storyline. The pacing was janky but it was overall a good comfort movie.
  6. Kuwamochi

    Post your favorite dumb phobia!

    I have a phobia of phones hanging up mid conversation. Is that a phobia?
  7. Kuwamochi

    hewwo mr obama

    I'm grosspotoo on FA, but you can call me knights, kite, or bre. i have four sonas, but my main one is an ocicat named Riku. I do a lot of YCHs on site and I'm looking to get a little more involved in the furry community since I want to pick up fursuiting and crafts. :3 i've obviously been on...