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  • Great. Been working on school stuff, I'm about halfway done. Other then that just lots of halo and hanging with local furs. There's a furry house party coming up on Friday and it's gonna be awesome. =D
    I only have an xbox 360. I've been playing so much tekken 6 since they gave me a free gold membership. I'm gonna get MvC 3 when it comes down in price. Holy crap they want $60 for it. DX And my ex sold the Wii before we broke up. :'(
    I haven't been playing games much lately and when I do it's playing halo reach online with my cousin. Good times. I'm an xbox guy now for some reason. I miss Wii though. :'(
    Not much, just surfing the net and doing nothing with my life, like usual. lol You?
    I need a break, already tired.

    Thx for the matches. It was fun! Let's do it again some other time. :)
    Sure thing bro, I get home in about 2 hours so if I catch ya online we can have a few rounds.
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