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    Hiring: Looking for two icons (50$ +)

    hi! I'd love to draw for you! Here is my DA stash with art examples sta.sh: art
  2. kwabykoala

    Show me your art!

    hehe- a semi-ref for my character Ophelia
  3. kwabykoala

    Kwaby's art shop ($45-200)

    up- how do i edit the title LOL
  4. kwabykoala

    Show me your art!

    me as well!! Thank you!
  5. kwabykoala

    Show me your art!

    a very lovely Pet commission I did for someone :)
  6. kwabykoala

    Kwaby's art shop ($45-200)

    Hi everyone! I am offering two types of commission services as of now! I am comfortable with drawing everything. SFW or NSFW is accepted, however rates may vary depending on what is asked for. Shoot me an email at kwabykoala@gmail.com, or PM me on here to talk! ALL prices are in USD. Paypal...
  7. kwabykoala

    Hiring: Ref Sheet Needed (CLOSED)

    hi, I am comfortable with drawing all animals, as well as nsfw for an additional charge. Here is an example of a detailed sketch of a panthera. PM me for more examples, I do not have many but will create more as we speak :)
  8. kwabykoala

    Looking to hire an artist for illustration work in my next novel. $500 set aside.

    I am interested in this project, send me a note on FA! @kwabykoala I do not have many examples on deck, but I am confident with semi-realism/realism. Here is a creature design I made early last year X and here are some other examples X X (Based on one of Wlop's pantings) X...