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    I might do this actually, it depends. Sounds like it could be an interesting conversation starter. Although, if you were wearing long sleeves or something it'd be pretty pointless.
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    Im Looking for a Comic

    Fur Piled sounds like your best bet, but it is 90% LGBT, it's kind of like "slice of life" style, so yea it has romance and a lot of drama.
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    Furries dating furries

    Personally I don't see anything wrong with it, it's just something else you will share in common with that other person. It's not like being a furry defines your life or something like that, it's an interest, and your relationship (hopefully) isn't going to be...
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    Will I be picked on for being a fur?

    In my experience, most people don't even know what furries are. In my case, sometimes my friends might mention it or something if I bring something up semi related, or if I talk about something they've never heard of before they usually instantly try to connect it to furries. Long story short...
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    Car company marketing to furries, is this fur reals?

    I dunno about you guys, but if this was really targeted at us, which is 50/50, I'd be proud of it. Honestly I don't think anything bad is going to come out of it in anyway. If people get their panties in a bunch over something like that they need social skills.
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    Unattractive furries?

    Lies. All of it.
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    Funniest/Strangest Scenarios Explaining Furries

    These aren't really panicking stories, but they are related. So I was on my iPod and a friend of mine looked and saw a picture of the gay furry logo (the one with the wolf or dog head with rainbows around it) and asked what it was. I kind of just shrugged it off and said "I don't know" or...
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    Not So Expensive but good tail?

    Hi. I'm not entirely sure if this is the right section for this but if its not I'll move it. Anyway, I'm looking into buying a tail, not a full fursuit, just a tail, one of the ones that you can attach to the back of your pants or to your belt or something. I'm not experience with this kind...
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    Would you call Batman or Cat woman a furry? (-._^.)

    No. They aren't furries. When was the last time they ever mentioned furries, or showed anything furry related?
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    Possible Money Thief, What Should I Do?

    Congratulations. No shit a comparison is pointing out similarities, thing is, you don't compare things that are on the completely opposite side of the spectrum. Oh hey. This piece of carbon fiber is like a living thing... 'cause it has carbon in it! No. That doesn't make any sense, you...
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    Iratu, the God of Perception

    Sounds cool. Sure is unique!
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    Horrific fursuits (read OP)

    Re: Horrific fursuits Pardon my French. But what the fuck is that?
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    Hi! I'm new here (kinda)

    Hi guys! My name is Kyba (duh lol). I'm guess I'm kind of a noob here but at the some time not so much. This isn't my firs post on FAF anyway. Also I guess I'm a little bit of a veteran with the forum scene, though where I come from people don't use ":V" so that's taking some time to get...
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    Overrated furry comics and why they suck

    Fur-Piled was good. It has good artwork (Black and White except for the last few pages), and it had a good down-to-earth story that made sense and was easy to follow. The characters had fully developed backgrounds and they explained each one in depth at different chapters.
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    Looking for a new Furry Web Comic

    Fur Piled. That is by far the best comic that I have ever read. It's excellent. Other than that, Closet Coon is a good one too but that's adult rated because there is some nudity in it, good story nonetheless. And I heard from some people that Carpe Diem is good, but I've never read it...