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    Anyone got Raw Danger PS2 nostalgia?

    Actuly Disaster report is actuly the prequil to Raw danger, D.R and R.D are apart of a series called Zettai Zetsumei Toshi or The Desperate City Disaster report is the first game in the series. While the oen you playing is the sequil.
  2. kylr23

    SHL (Secondhand Lands)

    Yeah the game doesnt even launch sooo yeah :/
  3. kylr23

    Elder Scrolls Online

    THe good and the bad Good: Questing and storys!: You need ot explore eveyr inch of your area, other wise your missing out on some good side storys. THough the main story is quite interesting. Pvp:Need I say more? The bad: THe LFg system sucks
  4. kylr23

    Pokemon Art academy

    I sort of ran into this title at walmart I didnt get it I thought it was quite interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1s7YrF68m4
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    MMO Reccomendation?

    Gw2 there is plenty of grinding in it sad to say Depending on the choices you make you need ot be x level to compleate a spesific part of the story. It slowly starts to slow down almost ot a crawl. How ever Pvp on gw2 is fun and a good way to level up (You actuly level up in pvp Even if your...
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    Horror Games

    Ok rust Man not be listed as horror but there is no denying there where several times my heart raced trying to stay away form other player and trying to make it another day. SO far now Im doing good for my self.
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    Horror Games

    I been playing 7 days to die, so far Im rocking the place alone heh.
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    Elder Scrolls Beta

    I highly agree with you this game is BEEEUUUUUTIFUL! And easly the best beta I played despite the starting launch (error 42) which sadly may happen on launch. How ever after a few hours or so, the game was fixed and whoo! You guys will love this game if your into mmos and es
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    live action videogames?

  10. kylr23

    Get good or get beaten: in praise of brutally hard games

    How about Unreal tournament 2004?
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    Theme Park Studio

    I remember doing that how ever the game isnt like rct3 its more of a simulation than a managment.tycoon game.
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    Theme Park Studio

    This isnt a browser game, its a full on simulation form the makers of Hyper Rails, rollercoaster factory annnddd rollercoaster rampage. They have a kick starter now check it out please, and back it... http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1011099242/theme-park-studio-create-the-ultimate-theme-park
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    Let's post awesome free/indie games!

    There is a indi game being kick started its almost at the half way mark but still needs some more backers. Its called Theme park studio http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1011099242/theme-park-studio-create-the-ultimate-theme-park
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    Explosions reported at Boston marathon

    My heart goes out to the those who are effected I had several co workers there luckly away form the bast. Im glad they are ok but to those whome are hurt I hope they can heal up and try to move forward as the best they can.
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    Bioshock Infinite!

    SPOILER ALERT! For those who dont get the games ending, here is the gist. First off Booker and comstock are the same perosn, just a different verson of the other. One chose redemption and became a mad man, the other choose not to and ended up selling his own child to wipe away his debt, (who...