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  1. KypDurron23

    Which side of the smash spectrum do you fall under? (See picture)

    I'm the guy on the right. I spam Sammy's projectiles and think shield! or dodge! when I see 'em coming back at me. ^^
  2. KypDurron23

    So, what is everyone playing now? ^_^

    Perfect World, & SW: Republic Commando
  3. KypDurron23

    Your Top 5 bands

    1. Rhapsody of Fire 2. Panic! at the Disco 3. Dream Theater 4. Mannheim Steamroller 5. Daughtry
  4. KypDurron23

    Smash Bros Fantasy Roster

    Ghor or Rundas from Metroid Prime 3. (Dark Samus would be nice too.) Zant from LoZTP mabe?
  5. KypDurron23

    How did you die?!?!

    SW: The Force Unleashed for the Wii; was fighting my friend, we had the wiimote lightsaber attachments on. I whacked my friend by accident with the "light saber" (that's how into it we got XP). Friend flinches and, consequently, force-pushes me into the sarlacc pit. :(
  6. KypDurron23

    Online Gamers

    PC: Perfect World, Heaven's Tear server Tiber_Septim, lvl. 29 Barbarian; Corravyn, lvl 22 BladeMaster DS: Zelda PH: 4511-1583-6827 Advance Wars DoR: 0989-2947-5752 Pokemon Diamond: 5370-1518-1600
  7. KypDurron23

    What does your fursona's name mean?

    My fursona is named after an enemy from Metroid, the Brizgee: Yeah, it's a snail/crab thing, but the name works for a draconian.
  8. KypDurron23

    Fursona's main color?

    Blue, with a black stripe on me back ^.=.^
  9. KypDurron23

    Incinerated or Frozen?

    Er... Metroid Hunters is more likely... XP
  10. KypDurron23

    Incinerated or Frozen?

    Going to Alaska and sitting in the middle of a blizzard until I freeze sounds like fun.:p I'd get found years later with DS in hand, if humans are still here that is.
  11. KypDurron23

    Cockroaches are STOMPING material

    I used to get them, before I bought my Gecko. ^.=.^
  12. KypDurron23

    Things you named your characters

    I haven't done much with my char. names. I named Link "Jack Black" once :confused:, and I named the cat girl from Dark Cloud "Pussy", but other than that, there isn't much.
  13. KypDurron23

    Hardest Bosses

    Dunno about anyone else, but I had a hard time with the Boost Ball Guardian from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. The turd took out half an energy tank with a claw swipe, and when he went into boost ball or goo form, getting so much as tapped by him almost took out a full energy tank. Not to mention...
  14. KypDurron23

    so lonely

    I live in Grand Prairie, b/c I couldn't decide if Fort Worth or Dallas was better... So I now live in between the two cities. XP
  15. KypDurron23

    What have you eaten today?

    Waffles ^.=.^