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    Why the hate on bronies?

    There used to be a small un-official internet war back in 2012/2013 between bronies versus furries, because bronies would be identified as furries and vice versa due to how similar both fandoms are. I joined the brony community shortly after the furry community and was scared of admitting I was...
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    I'll rate your sona

    Alright, rate mine! Reference (getting a new one next month) : www.furaffinity.net: Remi - Reference sheet (v1) by LabyrinthFox Wearing his uniform : www.furaffinity.net: Remi the fox by Magenta7 Alternative forms : www.furaffinity.net: Icon #2 - by Trunchbull by LabyrinthFox...
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    Where can i Advertise my Youtube Channel?

    On your profile or signature are the best options
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    requesting comission updates(how long should i wait to ask?)

    It usually takes 2 weeks up to 2 months depending on how busy the artist is. Do they have a waiting list or a Trello account ? Commissioning art is a game of patience, I recommend not asking for any news about it unless you've been waiting for more than 3 weeks.
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    Describe your fursona thread

    A silver fox with green eyes and white ear-tail-paw tips. Can turn into a hyena or a boar. Occasionally wears a Napoleon style uniform.
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    Meet Local Furries

    I live in this country: France (Reims, Champagne-Ardennes) or UK (Penzance, Cornwall) My age is: 22 My gender is: Male My sexuality is: Gay My hobbies include: Mazes, roller coasters/theme parks, rhythm games (music), video games, spending all of my money on furry art
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    You draw mazes ? Mine are more labyrinths, but I say maze 'cause the term is more commonly known

    You draw mazes ? Mine are more labyrinths, but I say maze 'cause the term is more commonly known
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    What are you best at ?

    Drawing mazes & playing rhythm games.
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    Sad fact about your fursona

    < insert "His parents died when he was 2 years old" backstory cliché here > For real though, this :
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    Starting to Lose Enjoyment in the Community

    Do what plenty of us do. Stay interested in the subject but don't stick too close to the community, especially online.
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    If given the choice would you become a permanent anthropomorph?

    Not anthropomorphic, but feral yeah.
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    How did you become a furry?

    I started off in 2011 as a fan of transformations into animals and found the term "anthropomorphic" while looking up transformation art online. I was immediately fascinated by the concept and just like that I became a fan. Two years later in 2013 I discovered the fandom via internet forums...
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    Members by Species

    Name: Labyrinth Category: Fox Species: Silver fox
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    I feel ashamed of my fetishes

    I have absolutely no idea. I wasn't the one to make that list.