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  1. LachneAdalbert

    Bragging fun

    Yeah, I have it too, not hard, JUST TAKES SOOO LONG.
  2. LachneAdalbert

    Dark Souls

    The DLC makes me not even, I can't deal with it for some reason. Like, it makes me feel like I'm terrible, even though I've gotten Platinum on Dark Souls 1, and am working on Demon's Souls.
  3. LachneAdalbert

    Bragging fun

    I hold the #5 spot on the Worldwide leaderboards for the first stage of Child of Eden on ps3, #8 I believe on 360. Did I do good? :3
  4. LachneAdalbert

    PS4 PSN users

    Mine is blazetur5555...I was like 13 when I made it...don't judge me xP
  5. LachneAdalbert

    Unplayed Games Lists Help Thread

    Played Tales of Xillia once, put it away for Dark Souls...and Child of Eden...
  6. LachneAdalbert

    Fucking Dark Souls...

    I'm obsessed with this game...GAWD it's great (especially the challenge)
  7. LachneAdalbert

    Simple Bits of GREAT Game Design.

    A lot of people don't understand what I mean, but the combat system in Bayonetta flowed together to perfectly, I foamed at the mouth at how beautiful it was. The combos are so fluid and perfect.
  8. LachneAdalbert

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Just started The Last of Us ^.^
  9. LachneAdalbert

    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

    That is also true
  10. LachneAdalbert

    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

    I absolutely LOVED the first one, mainly because of the story, just a personal opinion.
  11. LachneAdalbert

    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

    Alright, I'm aware that people hated XIII, and EVEN MORE people hated XIII-2, but what do you think, SO FAR, about Lightning Returns? I personally LOVED XIII, and I was meh on XIII-2. Post what you think of it so far.
  12. LachneAdalbert

    Herro :3

    It seems so...AND SO IT BEGINS!!!
  13. LachneAdalbert

    Herro :3

    Hehe thanks alot guys ^^
  14. LachneAdalbert

    Herro :3

    Hi there, I'm Lachne, and I'm new here (obviously). So, um...I've been looking for ways to improve my drawing and music making abilities, so if anyone would like to give some advice, I'm all ears ^~^