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    Adult requests (involve with my fursona)

    Maybe Savanah could get in on the fun? She's my alt Fursona/character's name: Savanah Species: Ostrich Gender: hermaphrodite Description: Ostrich herm. She has shoulder length bleach blond hair that has been fried from dying it so many years. References...
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    Convention Schedules

    could you please add ChibiPa to the list? It runs August 27 - 29, 2010 in West Palm beach, FL. it's a mostly anime con with a furry room and some furry specific programing. www.chibipa.com Thank you!
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    The internet is for PORN

    If you're still taking requests I would love it if you could draw me with my mate being all romantical. Him on top :) ref for myself is here http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3313587 (i'm about 5'1" and curvy) and my mate is a cheetah (regular cheetah coloring, 6'2" tall and slim) with long...