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  1. LadyNovaKane

    What video game are you playing...

    Guild wars 2 and Overwatch on the pc :3
  2. LadyNovaKane

    Horror Games

    I have never played. I'll have to look into it
  3. LadyNovaKane

    Horror Games

    But I mean isolation was made, and made well so I mean there is always still hope :3
  4. LadyNovaKane

    Horror Games

    My understanding of the alien AI is that it started learning how you played from the beginning it would stalk you down corridors based off your similar patterns of going through corridors previously that's why half way through the game it seems like the alien always knows where you are because...
  5. LadyNovaKane

    Horror Games

    They did such a good job with the alien ai in that game :)
  6. LadyNovaKane

    Fantasy life on the 3Ds

    Do any of you guys play this? I have had it for a year and I love this cute damned game. If you havn't played it... well it's like animal crossing meets skyrim kinda.... But I think it can be played with friends and I would love to do just that. And just get back to playing it I have been slacking
  7. LadyNovaKane

    Any Guild Wars 2 players?

    I also am having my Charr made into my first suit hehehe guild wars 2 is kind the bomb
  8. LadyNovaKane

    Horror Games

    Oh my goodness I was going to bring this up because it super fantastic :3
  9. LadyNovaKane

    Thank you so much :3

    Thank you so much :3
  10. LadyNovaKane

    I'm new to absolutely every side if this fandom and I can't wait to jump in.

    I'm new to absolutely every side if this fandom and I can't wait to jump in.