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  • Oh? Was it a new one or just one that's generally disorganized? The first one i went to also turned out to be the first year of it and it was the same.

    it also went to hell the next year and I never got my money back >:/
    It was alright. Work work work lol and working on my story/drawing.
    How about your weekend?
    It's cropped from an old banner picture I have, where the banner came from, I can't honestly remember. I've had it for like, 9 years. @@
    Ehh, he's actually not my favorite. Mind you, I haven't actually gotten to Levi yet, (Started today, now on episode four!)
    It's because forum has a set way of doing things.
    It's annoying when it's broken by newcomers
    Awww thanks.

    I've gotten tired of being angry over small things on faf. Trying to be more accepting to new furs.

    Intro threads were so fun a couple of months ago uhen it wasn't always bashing.
    What kindness?
    I'm kind?
    No one else thinks so :'(
    Thank you, thank you! :D.
    Oh the feeling of being loved! Freindship is magic! T_T
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