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    Musclefurs in videogames

    Being totally lazy, I think someone should put all of these in a list so the OP can put it in the first post :P Like... [Character name] -- [Game name]
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    FA Gamers - Steam Servers Opening Soon

    Being poor the only one I can suggest is CS:CZ, because I totally can't afford a good computer that will actually run CS:S, L4D or TF2 properly. :(
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    Easier gallery download

    How about we stop poking the people who don't back things up to an excessive degree as it only makes us look like complete jack-shits. :)
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    Bad Dragon/Adult Banners

    :lol: Oh my god... hahaha. Eevee, I love you. This thread is epic. Actually, that was one of the Admins being a complete dick and 'acting without thinking' (to steal the term from ex-admin dave_hyena). Pictures of Adult Toys are allowed to be posted on FA as long as you are not shoving them up...
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    Easier gallery download

    *uses Revive on the old thread* :P I'd actually like to see this. I mean, it wouldn't only be used for people who lose all their stuff or whatever, but for someone who is new to the furry community. yak: people will download the images anyways; this suggestion would just make it easier for...
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    FA Expansion

    I don't know if these have been suggested before, because I am a bit too lazy at the moment to go and try and search through 26 pages of suggestions. So if they have already been suggested, forgive me. Suggestion: "Find-a-Furry" The addition of a Fur locator would be an awesome addition that...