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    Furry in the Workplace

    I shared a knowing glance with an old coworker when we too the same weekend off, it was a furry convention. I would never talk about it openly at work though. It's just not the time or place.
  2. Laugh Kita

    Female furs, reveal yourselves?

    Lady here and live with another furry lady.
  3. Laugh Kita

    What was the most scariest thing you've ever seen/experienced?

    I woke up to a home invasion. I was sick, hiding under covers and pretty out of it. I hear some commotion downstairs and think it's my mum bringing me more soup and meds. I get up , didn't even put my glasses on, and shambled downstairs. I shout for my mom and hear a male voice go "oh s*it"...
  4. Laugh Kita

    News Flash: Tumblr Bans NSFW

    Kinda sad, some mates and I had a shared blog where we posted exclusively NSFW stuff. But Twitter and Newgrounds will fill the void and probably improve their filtering system as not to offend people. Who knows, tumblr might survive by evolving into something else viable. It is unfortunate that...
  5. Laugh Kita

    What accent do you have IRL and is it the same as your sona's?

    I have a weird mix between a Californian and Mississippi accent. I’m a born and raise California girl but my family is from Mississippi and Louisiana. Shifts strongly from one to the other depending on who I’m talking to. As for my fursona, I never imagined her with a different accent from me.
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    Going to a Furry Con Alone

    Going to a con by yourself isn’t a bad idea at all. I’ve done it before and had so much fun just meeting new people and getting into fun situations. You just have to make sure you stay safe. Having a hotel room to yourself can be nice when you need a moment to sit alone and recharge for a bit...
  7. Laugh Kita

    Does you feel lonely in the fandom?

    I don't feel lonely in the fandom. My partners are both furries and I'm occasionally active in the online community. Get most of my interaction at conventions a couple times a year. It's pretty easy to talk to people when in such a large group.
  8. Laugh Kita

    Does your fursona share the same sexuality as you?

    Yes she does, we're both pansexual.
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    Lets Get Personal!

    Does your fursona represent you? Is it basically just you as a big animal? Or does it mean something a bit deeper? In some ways yes in others no. She has a lot of my same interests. In her canon she owns her own coffee shop, it's something I would do if getting the capital wasn't an issue for...
  10. Laugh Kita

    Negative Things About Your Fursona

    She can sometimes be overzealous and excitable. Her sense of humor can be considered pretty crass, mean or in poor taste. She also has a semi addictive personality and has to work hard to not go overboard with the pleasures in life including but not limited to; drinking, games, winning etc.
  11. Laugh Kita

    How dark can humour get?

    Really humor can get as dark as it needs to be and not become evil especially depending on context and the joker's background. Some people use homar and make some deep dank jokes to cope with traumatizing situations. I've been through some rough stuff and make the worst jokes. Same thing with...
  12. Laugh Kita

    What is Your Worst Convention Experience?

    I got one for an anime convention I went to. I was about.....20 at the time, it was one of my earlier cons and the first couple went smoothly. This year around I room with a couple of my usual friends and we invited 1 person we all knew on a forum for years. They seemed like cool people at the...
  13. Laugh Kita

    Adult furs? 21+

    If the brought back Chip N' Dale's Rescue Rangers I would totally watch it. It was one of my favorite shows.
  14. Laugh Kita

    Adult furs? 21+

    I'm a sucker for old fashioned photos.