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Lawd Desidas Silves

Desidas Escaflowne Silves the Monster Sergal is a very happy and loving Sergal, though he is not without some seriousness and rage. He loves his wife Rain Silves and the family they made with all his heart. Desidas loves to do anything he can to help Rain Silves and their family. Among those he helps also includes Rain Silves’ many husbands. Desidas is the kind of Sergal who keeps asking “How many? How many?” and would give the shirt off his back if he had to wear one. In the time before Desidas met Rain, he used to be a mount for a Nevrean girl named Yun Yung. Yun Yung was a sniper and a swordsman, they love to hunt together.

Desidas Escaflowne Silves carries an activation seal in his right eye. The seal in his eye allows Desidas to control many Desudas Sun Gates with his mind. Controlling a Desidas Sun Gate with your mind means you are capable of doing anything you can think of. Desidas Escaflowne Silves refuses to kill; Desidas is a sort of passive fighter though he still loves the thrill of battle and also considers himself to be combat effective. During combat, Desidas only uses smoke rounds in his 105mm anti tank sniper rifle; he also carries smoke grenades and tear gas grenades.
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