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    Dude, I friggen love your avatar hahaha that's hilarious
    Yes, on my PC. I don't play much but I have on ongoing account for ESO and I think GTA (still waiting for GTA 5 on PC)
    Savatage is another decent, underrated 80's metal band who's still out there working it (if you don't already know of them). Their early stuff was great (Sirens, Dungeons Are Calling, Hall Of The Mountain King) but after the lead guitarist died in '93, his brother (the singer) went through this campy "rock opera" phase. I think I read that their supposed to do a reunion at Wacken this year.
    Hey there. I'm trekkie, my steam ID is STEAM_0:0:45593431. I haven't had time to get on in a while but I'll add you!
    Okay, I managed to get my Steam to work, I'm adding back my games now. I'll try to add you in the morning.
    Hey dude, if youre just looking for people who are active steam gamers I know a few you could ask. Some have their steam accounts in their sig or under their username. Dr.Dingo may be one, ask!
    Yeah sure, same as my user. Though I should warn you Im not on often. You're free to add me though and I'll add you when I can owo
    I do, but I almost never use it. I'm funkyd3000 by the way.

    Before starting back up for a little Bloons, one of my friends informed me that my previous log in was over 800 days ago.
    I'm not able to access Steam anymore... So if you do manage to find me (I have a Barn Owl avatar) you are not going to be able to play any games with me until I get my own computer
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