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  • you sound like an awesome person. Your avatar is like everyone says, just uber cute. :)

    That was just due to the fact that the first assumption most make in that situation is that they had sex---you know what, nevermind
    :eek: What software do you use? PS? SAI? GIMP?
    There can be fruit-flavored hard candies and gummies, but no fruity chocolates. :p I used to have a bunch of those chocolate oranges and chocolate raspberries sitting around, but I gave them all away 'cause fruit and chocolate should not mix. xP Except chocolate fondue, that's okay.
    I know. I've looked at your page. o_o /creepr
    Your drawings are gorgeous. I wish I could my lineart to look that nice, much less the coloring.
    And I'm glad you think so because there's a lot of candy now. Jolly ranchers, twizzlers, gummies, even colorful chocolates, but not the fruit-flavored ones because that's just wrong.
    Has anyone ever told you
    that your avatar is so adorable,
    I could like... spew rainbows and candy from my eyes?
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