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    Being bi can be a lot of fun. I'm in a longterm (probably lifelong) relationship with a man, and have never really had a chance to experiment with girls the way I'd like to, but that doesn't mean we can't go to Hooters and check out the girls together. The funny part is that our tastes in...
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    Need Sci-Fi category

    RE: Need Sci-Fi category! This is the second thread I've seen you say that on... please tell me this is a joke I'm missing out on, and not for real? ;_;
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    Where did you get your anemm from?

    My first name is Leah. As kids, my sister jokingly called me "Leahtard" (whether as in leotard the clothing or just another name for 'tard, I don't know.) I figured "Leahtaur" was fitting for an online name, even moreso now that I draw furry stuffs. Even if very little of it is of taurs...
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    A question of copyright

    I'd just like to restate here that the issue is not US or international copyright law. It's FA's rules that have the final say, which go a step beyond copyright law with the By You/For You policy. But hey, if an admin wants to correct me... :3
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    A question of copyright

    Hey man, I ain't no 'merican. :P
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    A question of copyright

    Lawyers really are lol. Many of the ones I work with/for seem to be highly intelligent and skilled in one narrow area of life, and a little ditzy in most others. I work in a law firm, and the guys I work with (and occasionally myself)are constantly called away from more useful tasks to fiddle...
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    A question of copyright

    If we consider the precedent, that Nek0gami was not allowed to use a 3D model of Krystal because it was not created by him or for him, even though the creator gave permission for anyone to use it, I believe that the answer would be no. Even though the copyright has most likely expired like you...
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    I live in Calgary. :D
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    Taken care of

    It's nice to have a sugar-daddy, isn't it? ;)
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    A project for Amateur furry artists?

    Do you mean a sub-gallery of the normal FA one? I'm not sure that's needed, since FA is open to artists of all skill levels, amateur to professional. Unless you meant something different, of course. :)
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    ZOMG, something I can show off that's actually worksafe! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/731965/
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    Whats your weirdest fetish?

    Is it considered having a foot fetish if you only like to be on the receiving end? :P
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    The "how come..." thread

    How come in the Bleach anime, Ichigo's dad is for some reason really creepy and sexually inappropriate with his 10 year old daughters, but in the manga, there is no sign of this? (Yes I saw the anime before reading the manga.) How come I just woke from a half-asleep, half-awake dream that I...
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    No visible furries at my former art school, just emo kids and punks who wore ripped clothes from the thrift store. ;) Horrordoll has a point though. Choose your school first, look for furries second. o_O
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    Help me out.

    I think you should probably try Paypal and draw your own conclusions. Keep in mind that those sites are exceedingly biased, and that most of their examples are from several years ago, before Paypal was "reformed". (Or so I've heard.) Also keep in mind that the vast majority of your customers...