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  • Have you heard the horror stories?
    Besides, you know me.... what the fuck would I do? Talk about furries? That wouldn't go well.
    I get the feeling that you would've told us both to shut the fuck up and stop bickering. XD
    Oh darling today has been. Eventful to say the least.... Eggy and I are terribly sorry for making a complete nonsensical mess of your inbox with our personal drama about... yourself. XD. All of it was just a complete misunderstanding blown way out of proportion and we've made up now. Eggy and I have explained more in our PMs. Just note that I don't hate him as much as I did this afternoon. :p He's a pretty cool dude but just needs to analyse words more as hard as he can despite his condition.
    the bumper can always be replaced. i worry about myself and the other drivers.
    Still even with all the near misses I haven't seen too many real collisions.
    At least tomorrow is my last time into the frey!
    Road trip alright! i am out in north western North Dakota near the new booming oil fields.
    These guys are nuts! I don't think half of them even have a drivers lic.
    IT's cool. Saturday I get to go home! Yay! Only 6 and a half hours at 70 miles an hour!
    Back to Minnesota!
    Sorry i didn't answer you before this.. I passed out! Had to go back to work at 6:30 am again and just got back to my hotel. Gotta do it all over tomorrow. Working 14 hour days this week.
    Makes me wish I were young again.. Almost!
    Was hoping to add you to the friends list if that is alright? How are you?
    Legit! Help! I'm having an identity crisis!
    The owls think I'm one of them, and they're trying to get me in their gang! I grew up in the hood; I'm not going back! >=[
    Oh it'll take off as soon as I can make it happen (money and such). Ugh I sound like a teen dont I? ;) Anyway I gotta go, see ya tomorrow
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