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  • They're, as i imagine it, probably a little more than running through a sh!tload of chatrooms. I will consider one, and judging by that response, slowly consider msn.
    (apologies for doublepost)I have been considering MSN get.Other than that...aww, idk i just suck at talking.I'm going to stop now...
    Well, i'm afraid i don't currently have Skype. I don't really have any other chat medium other than PM's on FA and FAF.I'm sorry, I'm awkward about up-front introductions...
    Hi.I've read some of your posts, and you seem like a cool guy. I guess I don't have anything else to say other than hi... ._.'
    Also just gonna say, if you wanna talk now; email me at (weirdnewt@yahoo.com); I just got banned from my computer by my parents for a week XD See ya laters X3
    Thats pretty cool :3 I dont like skype as much as I like msn; but I can't get MSN to load on my mac, so I had to drop back to skype. It sucks, because most of my cool friends only have msn DX Good luck with that work still :3
    Its actually part of my TV production class! Fun! XD Thats true, it's a lot more inspirational to work when someone else depends on you, I agree :3 I'll actually add you on skype too; I wont be on tomorrow too so it doesn't matter, I gotta work on the show I'm making the footage for, so I'll be busy all day XD
    Oh naw, it's a student made show so it kind of sucks X3
    Your dedication to your project partner is pretty admerable dude! Good luck with the presentation and all :3
    Oh how nice, I spent the last 5 minutes throwing together some crappy footage for a news show tomorrow, and it sucks. Somehow, I'm not worried either :3
    Good luck, also go to bed! It's like 1:30 am where you are!
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