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  • Hehe, yeah, it's been a while. Lot of things going on in my life that sortakinda took me away from most of this stuff. Back now though!

    How've you been? =3
    I find not being kind to be sort of folly. Being a jerk creates a terrible first impression, and I like meeting new people.

    Sort of defeats the purpose of meeting someone new if they hate you from the start, no?

    Anyway, thank you very much. c:
    You are very welcome my dear. If you are ever in need of assistance or someone to converse with, you know where to find me. I think.
    Then again, I think I'd better give some details about myself.

    I love long walks on the beach and have mild seasonal allergies due to a specific plant/tree that grows in Northern Texas (Cottonweed).
    I also have a british accent. But I don't really think an accent should be a plus when it comes to knowing someone.

    Oh look at me getting all deep. I should probably stop before I rant on about my life, haha
    So according to your sig, we're dating now.

    Are you particularly high-maintenance, and do you have seasonal allergies?
    I think last time you were here you were sticking toys and what not up my nose in the waking up threads.
    14 zomg. You do look pretty though. (I AM ALLOWED TO SAY THAT TO AN UNDER 16 RIGHT)

    And you're absolutely right. o: One of the forum moderators here is actually 15. Many people were surprised when he told us!
    Lel. I don't think you even told me your age anyway. 0: I'm 19.

    Though I never lied about my age online. I was more active at the age of 15 and I was honest about it. But then again I was pretty new to internet culture. Though there's one thing about growing up on the internet - the shit you posted when you were younger STAYS THERE. AUGH.
    no ;o; but we're looking into it. THEY OWE ME MONEYS and sooner or later THEY SHALL GIVE IT ME OR LOSE THEIR ANUSES
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