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  • Shit sucks, man. My PS3 just overheated, causing me to go look for other things to do. My suggestion: sell PS3, get 3ds, wait for the pokemon games in October.
    My ps3 overheats about 5 or 6 times a day. It's gotten the YLOD, and I had it repaired. It may overheat in the middle of an important match, but it still hasn't died again. Does it have the YLOD? Or is it just blinking a red light?
    Very much a derp moment. Maybe I was talking to eggo on skype. I dunno. You still haven't added me on PSN yet. >:[
    Wait... Lexi = Eggo? o.0

    I'm a derp. For some reason, I thought you were someone else, who I call Eggo. Or you changed your name... and I'm just confused.
    Living the dream. Just got my last paycheck from my last job in the mail, so I'm pretty jazzed right now. ^^
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