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  1. Lexicom

    Dead by Daylight? owo

    Dead by Daylight? owo
  2. Lexicom

    Nice hat :3

    Nice hat :3
  3. Lexicom

    show me pics of your fursona!

    House cat here, MOWWW
  4. Lexicom

    what do you drive?

    I'm a car guy so I basically modded my car to hell. Had her for going on three years now o.o
  5. Lexicom

    Any Dead by Daylight furs?

    Hey guys. :3 I wanted to check here to see if any furs play Dead by Daylight on PS4 or Modern Warfare. Those are like the only things I play fr Let me knowww x3
  6. Lexicom

    New reference sheet

    Gonna keep it simple I need a ne reference drawn, I have a old reference on my FA. $40-$50 budget tho.
  7. Lexicom

    Sonic Boom

    And Knuckles arms aren't sticks anymore, which is a good thing. x3
  8. Lexicom

    Hey thar! :D

    Hey thar! :D
  9. Lexicom

    PS3 PSN Gamers

    Add me, I mostly play COD etc. :3 My psn is in my sig.
  10. Lexicom


    Welcome to FaF!
  11. Lexicom

    Alright. x3

    Alright. x3
  12. Lexicom

    Hi Hi! Everyone!! ^-^

    Welcome to Faf.
  13. Lexicom


    I couldn't see myself smoking.
  14. Lexicom

    They're bars filled with nuts. ...silly gryphon

    They're bars filled with nuts. ...silly gryphon
  15. Lexicom

    How is this not a thing?

    Well if it does become a thing, I feel for our world.