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  • I guess my message wasn't sent on FA.

    Nothing really cool, just black, white, gray, brown, tan. You can look up a picture of a Mexican wolf and see. No markings or anything. Mostly, the purpose of my fursona is to blend into the crowd.
    ^.^ thanks for the compliment on my pic. rabbitfox drew her for me :3 I see your is finally all coloured in. I like it :D
    Wow neat! By the way I noticed your into manga, I'm mainly into Bleach, Naruto, and Death Note, those are just the best-known ones I watch or read. There's also an anime that came on tv when I was a kid called Samurai Pizza Cats, I found out on YouTube not too long ago and I still find it funny, not to mention I enjoy it more now since I'm a furry. ^_^
    I'm a math major, I'm planning to teach high school math someday. I came up with Fidget after I'd spent a few months watching the web series known as Happy Tree Friends (if you havn't seen it, I should warn you, it's violent). I joined a social network similar to Fur Affinity that was devoted to the show, and ran into several other furries. After that, I've been drawing Fidget ever since. Where'd you get your start?
    Sorry, I posted what I was gonna say to you on my profile, I didn't notice the 'view conversation' link until it was too late
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