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  1. Lifelessbody

    Dethalbum III

    Dethklok's new album - what'd you guys think? For me it was good...not quite as good as II though.
  2. Lifelessbody

    favorite movie

    Dark City. ...followed by The City Of Lost Children. Both are really bizarre and imaginative.
  3. Lifelessbody

    Underrated Installments in Series

    I really liked Transformers: Beast Machines...
  4. Lifelessbody

    Best video game music?

    And, as much as Final Fantasy gets overhyped, I still can't deny enjoying many of the soundtracks....Most people are quick to throw 7 around....but 5, 6, and 9 were my faves. American McGee's Alice (the first one)....Vale of Tears, is so hauntingly wonderful. I could listen to it all day.
  5. Lifelessbody

    Age Thread 2012

    Guess I'll be 29.
  6. Lifelessbody

    Furry anime

    http://en.wikifur.com/wiki/Anime hopefully that should help you out
  7. Lifelessbody

    My Fursona =D

    When your skills and weaknesses are Herp and Derp...
  8. Lifelessbody

    Hello, help picking species please

    For many people a fursona seems to be an extension of one's personality. So I can only assume that the animal is best not just picked out of thin air...think about yourself, who you are...what animal relates best? Are you comfortable with that animal? My oldest fursona/character is a lizard...
  9. Lifelessbody

    Naked 'sona?

    I used to picture my sona as being nude, as a lizard he could've kept his junk concealed....but then I rethought a few things and now he's clothed...eh, whatever fits the scene.
  10. Lifelessbody

    How much of "you" in in your 'sona?

    Hm... My fursona....are lizards considered fursonas? Kinda wondered about that. Judas is quick to anger...he can take things too seriously and might not realize when someone is just joking. He tends to feel isolated around people who don't think the way he thinks....alot of that is from me...
  11. Lifelessbody

    How did you name your fursona? (And what should I do to name mine?)

    I came up with my sona about 15 years ago and at the time I was pretty big into Judas Priest....so I ended up naming him Judas and it just sort of stuck. I think the best names come from whatever pops into one's head first. Too much thinking on it and the name could be....not what you really wanted
  12. Lifelessbody

    Best video game music?

    Eve Online has a pretty great ambient soundtrack. That's some music to chill out to and just let your mind drift.
  13. Lifelessbody

    Hi...kinda new, kinda not

    Well i had alot of things going on at the time...but now I'm going public, so to speak :P hopefully I'll do allright with writing, maybe learn how to draw eventually.
  14. Lifelessbody

    Hi...kinda new, kinda not

    That too.