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  1. lightwo

    Something Happens to the User Above You...

    You believed you could fly too hard. And hey, it worked!
  2. lightwo

    The user above you just beat you up in a parking lot. Why?

    *o.x I just like hiding! I did not take anything from you...
  3. lightwo

    Game: Change one letter of a 4-letter word

    Hoss look at 'im! wait where'd he go
  4. lightwo

    AMA: Fursona edition!

    this collar, maybe.. hehe :> where do you like hanging out?
  5. lightwo

    What should we have for dinner?

    cheese :>
  6. lightwo

    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

    merp? merp ovo
  7. lightwo

    Chain Reaction

    Dudes hugging
  8. lightwo

    Give The Fursona above a pokemon type.

    Water type can I be rock? >v<
  9. lightwo


    NOT ME! *checks it* DEFINITELY NOT ME o.o *runs*
  10. lightwo

    eeep-- maybe I will stick to this forum for a bit longer now >v<

    eeep-- maybe I will stick to this forum for a bit longer now >v<
  11. lightwo

    5 words each

    hasn't cleaned his paws for
  12. lightwo

    Being furry and introvert

    Oof. I still suffer from being shy and awkward in many cases, sometimes wanting to be more introverted again. Still being badly informed about many things doesn't help either. All my life's personality has grown within the fandom, I became less introverted, all my fwendos are furs, but I would...
  13. lightwo

    Users VS Staff Members (Ver. 2)

    10251 o.o I had an impact on something!
  14. lightwo

    The furson above you has been hospitalized, why?

    Had a rather unexpected snake encounter.
  15. lightwo

    Shower thoughts

    Water flows through showers. I want to drink water. Hello shower ovo