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    Auction on an anthro bunny girl!

    mastrubatory bump ;_;
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    Bad gateway errors on forum

    just someone with too much time on their hands :~)!
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    hi im... new ??

    fat blush....thank u
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    Rare canines in the furry fandom

    She's not my fursona, but there's a character I've yet to draw that is a miniature pinscher! Not sure how rare it is, but they're cute :') It fits her personality cause she's one of those girls that's tiny and doesn't realize she is LOL edit: just realized this thread was necroed from 2009...
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    i like bugs > : ) buzz buzz what was that? you'll never know
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    Favorite food/restaurant you can't get anymore

    i distinctly remember as a kid there were these little hard candies, they were red and white swirled but didn't taste like mint; they were like...strawberry cream? and they just melted in your mouth. they were so delicious, and it's like they just dropped off the face of the earth cuz i can NOT...
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    List of furrys

    I used to have a sloth oc, but that was a long time ago. I currently don't even have a fursona, but I've got so many ideas about what I'd like to do ;_; I just can't decide what represents me better. I LOOOVE primates, though, especially baboons. I also was in the process of designing a fish...
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    Discord server?

    Yo, i'm interested! My name is burgerboy, I added your discord :~D<3
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    Auction on an anthro bunny girl!

    Hi guys! I'm doing an auction on this design; It's paypal only. The bidding is also going on here so i'll update the current bid accordingly. Currently it is at: $25, minimum bid increase is $5! There's no autobuy available simply because I don't know what I'd put it at hahha :'D > Upon buying...
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    My fursona and other characters

    i love constance! horse characters are among my favorite :~)<3
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    thanks, hi! i do too, i've been feeling increasingly alienated from deviantArt as of late :( not sure why, it's mostly internal hahaha, but a change of scenery will be interesting for sure!
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    which animals do you wish were more common in the furry community?

    so i don't..actually have a fursona! i'm more the type to have multiple characters so i've yet to settle on one that's supposed to "represent" me. one of the hardest things is deciding what animal i should even have, i love goats and bats but some part of me wants to just have a really obscure...
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    hi im... new ??

    hey dude !! :~))))
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    hi! i've been on FA for a hot second but never got around to checking out the forums so uh ! here i am :~) i'm an artist that has been primarily drawing humans for the past few years but am increasingly getting interested in animal designs, esp anthro stuff. it's super fun to experiment with atm...