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Recent content by Lillie Charllotte

  1. Lillie Charllotte

    It's official: Men really are the weaker sex

    Anything about trannies?
  2. Lillie Charllotte

    Pachirisu World Domination Thread.

    Do they make good hats?
  3. Lillie Charllotte

    Furry things you do when bored

    I dance and sing. Furry ish songs.
  4. Lillie Charllotte

    Pachirisu World Domination Thread.

    Uhm, shall I be frightened?
  5. Lillie Charllotte


    Well, one could say, I'm sexually attracted to my reflection. :3 And peepee.
  6. Lillie Charllotte

    Favorite Flower?

    Gardenia. I have gardenia flavored body wash. =D
  7. Lillie Charllotte


    Uh, vagina?
  8. Lillie Charllotte

    So, how are you?

    Don't say shit about my grandma! She has a penis you know. XD
  9. Lillie Charllotte

    Stupid shit you've seen people buy in a shop

    I spend hella money on contact lens. It's kinda retarded. So, It's me buying all that expensive name brand stuff. Or how'd you say: Useless shit.
  10. Lillie Charllotte

    So, how are you?

    I am absolutely horrible! My grandma moved closer to me. =D
  11. Lillie Charllotte

    Food hates?

    Pickles and tuna...
  12. Lillie Charllotte

    Posting while buzzed/drunk

    Honestly 50% of the time. XD
  13. Lillie Charllotte

    they call me dun dun :O

    It sounds cute.
  14. Lillie Charllotte

    Do you think you're a good person to date?

    =o I hate everybody equally! =D