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    Dumb Superpowers

    Immunity to the effect of drugs and alcohol.
  2. Limedragon27

    Hiring: ($15+) World Map Commissions ((Closed))

    So I'm looking for someone who can make a highly detailed fantasy world map that can be easily edited on ms paint, one with marked regions that can be used to mark territories like this . I would like two continents many large island chains/isle. I would like one blank version and a version that...
  3. Limedragon27

    New Dawn: Rising From Ashes, an 18+ Discord RP! (NSFW/SFW)

    Are you still looking for new members? because I'd be interested in joining.
  4. Limedragon27

    Create a New Law

    Driving 15 miles under the speed limit with a line of traffic behind you is now punishable by jail time.
  5. Limedragon27

    Build a World with me ((18+))

    Forgot to mention that part. I was thinking medieval fantasy, but I'm opened to other ideas as well.
  6. Limedragon27

    Build a World with me ((18+))

    No no, a roleplaying world. A 18+ Minecraft server would be weird.
  7. Limedragon27

    Build a World with me ((18+))

    Bumping this, bored as hell and need something to do.
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    Furry Cons & Coronavirus

    The Coronavirus should be the least of your worries when it comes to diseases you can get from Furcons.
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    What Is Your Favorite Setting?

    Either for a fantasy world for characters to originate from, group rps, or even just 1x1 rps. I wanted to gather some info to see what settings are more popular. I usually see modern and sci-fi be the top settings for people, including some canon settings like pokemon. But what setting is your...
  10. Limedragon27

    Looking for new members for an Wargame Rp Group!

    Interesting, wouldn't mind taking a look.
  11. Limedragon27

    Looking for new members for an Wargame Rp Group!

    What are some of the factions and background of this sci-fi universe?
  12. Limedragon27

    Creepiest videos you've seen online?

    If you guys haven't seen the video of the damn antelope trying to fight off African wild dogs while it's guts are hanging out, ya'll haven't been on the internet long enough.
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    Looking for a Pokémon RP Partner 18+

    I've been meaning to dabble in the Pokemon setting, have a few pokemon characters as well. Will it be Pokemorphs or feral ones?
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    Unpopular opinions?

    Seth will always be my favorite!
  15. Limedragon27

    Unpopular opinions?

    I don't have any of the necessary skills to do that dammit!