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  • "I could take this seriously, if only for the existence of a certain [insert alt-acc. callout here]. :L"

    I dont get it

    I am in bed on my craptop now I wish I was downstairs so I could FAFcomic the shit out of you ;-;

    also your links are so borked I cry ;---;
    ifgdoifgdfigdfgd <3333

    Dear god you have no idea how happy and relieved I am to see you right now oemg ;-; god, we spent so long searching for you. :C We were so worried. The most we got from you was simply "no bad news" and something from your REALLY YOUNG SELF that had to do with Macbeth. :3c WE WERE SO DAWWING ihopeyou'renotembarassed GOD I REALLY WANNA HELP YOU GET A NEW CHARGER FOR YOURSELF IF IT MEANT I COULD SKYPE YOU AGAIN ;nnnnnnn; lovelveoveoveovevev ah help me im melting
    Okie, yeah, I dun use it much either, usually it's just up but I dun actually pay attention to it unless someone talks to me, so this is potentially pointless but WHO CARES I DON'T

    Absolute zero gurl :v
    Conjoined twins are so hawt liek yiff yiff omg :V

    It's actually a he, if you check the FA profile.
    only post in general time wasting thread for now, and you can keep it!
    you stole my cap'n crunch title!
    it will go away with you next post anyway
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