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    FA/IMVU Discussion

    Phew, that's good news to hear! For a second there, I thought our beloved Neer's life was in danger. What a relief. On a more serious note, I absolutely cannot comprehend how people still trust Neer. This whole ordeal is hillarious. I am shaking with combined fury and humor. There are no...
  2. Littlerock

    Should Moderators/Admis be removed for participating on "rival" sites?

    As long as they are fulfilling their duties properly on both sites, removing a staff member for moderating any other site would be nothing short of crass and childish in nature.
  3. Littlerock

    Regarding Recent Changes to the Forum

    I could take this seriously, if only for the existence of a certain [insert alt-acc. callout here]. :L
  4. Littlerock

    Regarding Recent Changes to the Forum

    I know you, I like you, and I trust you, and I honestly think that you must be in the dark about some of the things that have been happening here to have this kind of attitude about it. This, of course, does nothing to quell my disease regarding the situation. The negotiable bar of what is...
  5. Littlerock

    Regarding Recent Changes to the Forum

    Frankly, given the current situation, and recent method of dealing with things, I'm not prepared to hold anyone to their word. It's like asking the same guy thrice to hold your beer when he's pissed in it the first two times already.
  6. Littlerock

    Regarding Recent Changes to the Forum

    Because stirring up a ruckus within the staff hierarchy with no warning, making questionable choices regarding introducing new staff, banning regular users and passing out infractions for petty reasons, and then waiting several days to leak out a feeble explanation that barely serves to...
  7. Littlerock

    Where can I find "Realistic" heads/masks?

    If you're willing to pay for quality, this looks like a project right out of Clockwork Creature's books.
  8. Littlerock

    Fluffy Ponies

    Eh, I thought it was a freaky enough topic to warrant a separate thread.
  9. Littlerock

    Steak Doneness

    I just found two venison steaks in the freezer, haha!
  10. Littlerock

    Fluffy Ponies

    I need a reaction image! Preferably that one from Underworld where Viktor calls Micheal an abomination, and sorta snarls the word out like a sharp bit of metal that got lodged in his throat. That would accurately describe my feelings on this subject. Also holy shit, that movie is ten years old...
  11. Littlerock

    Explaining why I got a tail

    It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission. Also, you can ease them into it by starting off with something even wilder; go hardcore thrash/punk for a week or something so that when you ease off into just wearing a tail, it'll pale in comparison and they'll think nothing of it. :v
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    The joke relates a necro thread to actual necrophilia.
  13. Littlerock


    Okay, so the new staff might be cool with dogfucking, but 5 year old necro-ing? That seems a bit far.
  14. Littlerock

    Furring a Head

    Rather than checking here, I suggest checking here for the information you want. Look through the memories and tags, and if you're still stuck, post a question to the comm. They're really friendly and hella helpful.
  15. Littlerock

    Shapes thread

    Spades! It's a personal thing.