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    Candy and Fruit you HATE

    I'm curious about persimmons. Can you go into more detail about the taste?
  2. LizardKing05

    Should transformations be painful?

    What other forms would it apply to?
  3. LizardKing05

    The Food PORN Thread

    Fast food was MADE to look sexy enough to eat I swear
  4. LizardKing05

    Candy and Fruit you HATE

    I saw a thread about "Candy You Love" and got the idea for this thread from that. I want to know 1 type of Candy + 1 Fruit you hate and why. Also post a pic if you want, I wanna see it :) I have a personal hatred for Licorice candy and cantaloupe. Licorice tastes like candy if it were made...
  5. LizardKing05

    Should transformations be painful?

    I mean the werewolf transformation is the only one I think of that should be painful. You're changing into a monstrous, hulking being of pure animal POWER. So yeah as a trade off, it should be painful! Your body would contort, bones would grow and crack into place, and your body mass would...
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    What are things you find beautiful

    Beautiful muscles that look like this:
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    Old slang that you'd like to bring back

    I know it sounds pretty vanilla but I miss the word Neat-o!
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    Hiring: ($35+) (CLOSED) Need Help with Redesigning my SONIC OC

    Need an artist who can help me redesign my hedgehog OC and make him look more unique. I've asked some users about them and I've been told the design base makes him generic-looking (despite his backstory). Looking for someone who specializes in drawing Sonic the Hedgehog characters with...