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    Mix-N-Match Bundle Commissions starting at $5

    Example of sketch headshot - traditional Example of sketch half-body - traditional Example of sketch fullbody - traditional Example of colored fullbody sketch - digital
  2. Llamapie

    Anyone else on here makes music?

    One is a kind of dark lullaby, and one is a song about some stuff that my family has gone through
  3. Llamapie

    Mix-N-Match Bundle Commissions starting at $5

    I'm new here and testing the waters, so I thought I'd open up some cheap commissions to say hello. To follow forum rules, $5 or more of art must be bought, but any combination of commission types (listed below) is acceptable. For example, you could get a sketch headshot + colored headshot, or a...
  4. Llamapie

    Worst Movie Sequel Ever?

    Not sure if it counts as a sequel, but the tv show based off Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is horrible in my opinion
  5. Llamapie

    I need 10 movies

    The Breakfast Club Psycho IT (if you like horror) Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (old childhood favorite) Guardians of Ga'Hoole Now You See Me (1&2) Pitch Perfect Maleficent The Dark Kinght Black Panther :D
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    Cancelled shows you wish would come back

    I'm adding to list of people saying Firefly Also Warehouse 13, one of my favorite shows ever
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    "Fresh Meat"

    CAKEEEEEE?! oh h*ck yea
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    What's your favorite scary movie?

    I adore Phsycho by Alfred Hitchcock. It's not 'scary' by most modern comparisons, but it's creepy and just overall a brilliant, groundbreaking film. I also loved the new remake of 'IT', which was much creeper. My friend actually bruised my knuckle because she was holding my hand so hard in one...
  9. Llamapie

    New band you discover you instantly love?!

    Missiovevo is awesome, my aunt introduced my to their music when I was visiting her a couple weeks ago. Their song KDV is awesome. Langue warning though!
  10. Llamapie

    Anyone else on here makes music?

    I'm not a that great of a singer, aaand I don't know how to play any instruments (I tried, but was too busy). I have written 2 songs though! ...Which currently have no music XD
  11. Llamapie

    What video game are you playing...

    My go-to for some time now has been Fallout 4. I really want to try playing Fallout New Vegas, but it's not compatible with my computer unfortunately
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    Best book series that you have read that is not very well known

    Its's not a series, but "I, Ripper" is a fantastic read if you're into horror at all. It's sort of historical fiction told partially from the perspective of Jack the Ripper which is fascinating psychologically, but it also gets pretty gorey and adult at times, so be warned.
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    "Fresh Meat"

    There's pie?! *gasp*
  14. Llamapie

    "Fresh Meat"

    Hi all! I'm Nicole/Llamapie, and I'm pretty new to the fandom. I've known about it for a while and have a friend who's in it, but it'll be an adventure for me still So yeah, anyone wanna be friends?