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  • wow didn't even know we had close the same join date. No, anyone I kept in touch with (not much) they or I withdrew from conversation for some reason or another. I assume some just re-invented themselves in some other fursona or something, the benefits of the anonymity I suppose (all the best to them as well). Oh? that sucks I hope things get better. If you wanna chat that's cool but I must warn, I can be a good friend but I'm pretty introverted so I usually don't chat a whole lot. All the best to you as well.
    ty, I've been feeling kinda emo lately and that's what I tell myself XD it seems to help a little.
    So nice sounding! And of course doing musics and other artsy things help you! I hope you stop feeling down about jazz, Llama dude ;[
    You are also correct there, sir. ;v
    You play a horn?! What kind of horn? Do you make sweet, sweet music? And of course you should try drawing ! !

    YES YOU ARE. You even chose a llama. That's, like... full-on coolness levels
    Well your wishes are coming true, 'cause it's hot now that I'm here, bby~
    I did see your post saying you were sad about life things. DON'T BE SAD, AWESOME LLAMA DUDE! You are one of the coolest people ever. Maybe you could try doing some kind of thing to keep from feeling lazy?
    Like... ART
    WHOA. It's Llama dude! It's alright. Much hotness! I never really liked Summer much - the sunshine and blue skies are nice, but the sweat and the heat are not ;u

    How's things with you, yo? Long time to talky
    it definitely did. i didn't like it at the program, but i love it with my corps. can't wait to be there tomorrow...although i'm worried about preparation, which is why i must go now.
    hahaha, yeah. I had an audition for the corps I'm now a member of at the same weekend and couldn't afford to miss. Everything turned out fine, but I did decide not to continue playing with that ensemble. Way too hard to manage.
    Ah yeah no problem. And yeah, the tough part was that for the particular drive we were going home because I had a concert that morning (we left at midnight, concert was in Lansing at noon). So we had no choice if I had any hopes of making it in time ><
    Didnt hear about the tornando, though here they are just massive dust devils. Socal hardly gets any rain so after a few days of heavy rainfall there are going to be mudslides. All is well here minus our flooded cul de sac.
    Yep. Was pretty good... my sister made one of my favorite things for dinner and a cake. :) Glad yours was good too.
    lol. I really like the dark kinds myself. That and redwine. They had some sorta coffee liquor at the store during the holidays. I curse myself for not getting it. Coffee runs in my veins.
    Oh. And you can use walnuts too if you like. Chill the balls over night and add another layer of frosted sugar over them in the morning
    Oh you make them!!! A little fudge, some frosted sugar, and a generous helping of some light rum make for a delicious treat. My mom tried a spicier rum this year. >.> Not my fav kind.

    Christmas was a blast! I got to spend all day with my family and roomie and ate like a king. I'm talking honey ham, turkey, macaroni pie, key lime pie (my fav) and rumballs. <33

    New Years was a little funny. My poor roomie got totally wasted on Cherry vodka.

    How was yours?
    It's Llama Dude! Christmas/New Years was okay. I didn't actually do anything for them.
    I've been okay, though. Excited to go into a new year actually having a passion/goal for once. Other than that, things have just been relaxed and mellow for me lately.

    How's you, Llama Dude?
    None of the ones I saw had feathers. That would have been awesome though. They make them out of the same material as the dogs and cats I think. I will upload the pictures to faf as soon as I can get my darn sd card slot fixed.

    The thing is stuck in my laptop as of yet. >.<
    Oh about November 20th through the 24th I believe. Went to Midwest Furfest with Percy...who is a real sweetheart irl. The food was to die for and there were so many suitors. Even some Avian ones. XD
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