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    Questions regarding my fursona's design.

    @Protonite Hah, thank you, wish you luck with designing your fursona! I'd like to see them when you're done :P
  2. llMeanlightll

    Questions regarding my fursona's design.

    My oc, which I consider to not be my fursona, is a hybrid between a rabbit and a canine as well (with a little feline/dragon spice in her) Though her design doesn't really spell out that she's a rabbit hybrid since it's only her ears that are longer/shaped like a rabbit's than the usual canine...
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    How do you feel about long distant relationships?

    I personally won't want to be in a relationship again for a loooooooooong while. Loyalty is something that I value, a lot, and the person I was with wasn't as loyal as they like to say they were. At least they admitted to me that they were cheating and broke up with me before things gets...
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    Is everything going ok for you?

    @Ziplone That line just paint a very disturbing image in my mind.
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    Help me be Social?

    @Yakamaru Though it's not really as active as I thought it would be.
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    Help me be Social?

    -flails and give cookies-
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    Not new to FA but new to the forums.

    Nighty night to you then ^^
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    UH hi, I'm very new

    Hey there! I've recently came back from a not-so-long hiatus but that got nothing to do with you so -give cookies- Welcome!
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    Not new to FA but new to the forums.

    -furiously waves hands at and fades away-
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    Getting fit for Pride

    Doing quite fine but yesterday I was caught up on my drawings that I forgot to eat so I only had a little bit of ice cream and a hot beverage for breakfast and late dinner x'D I'll try my best to get my schedule fix for this!
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    Let's Draw! "Proud to be a Furry"

    Ah well I'm still at my peek stage, who knows I might walk down the same path as yours later on in the fandom.
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    Let's Draw! "Proud to be a Furry"

    Aww that's sad. Well I hope it gets better soon. I've heard a little from a friend of mine who was in the FA community for quite a long time. Now I don't think he comes on anymore :c
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    Let's Draw! "Proud to be a Furry"

    I've only been in this community for a while and I've seen that this forum is kind of...slow in a way? There's not much activities going on and so I think gathering us here together to draw our fursona in a common 'theme' if you could say, would be fun! Something along the line of taking a...
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    What are you doing right now?

    Trying to block all the spam-bots on this forum =_=
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    how did you know that your fursona was right?

    Omg sand cats are just soooooooo adorable in every way possible, to me anyway. I was also thinking that being a cat would be the best for me since my friends had commented on my behavior at random times that I act like a cat...well you can have more than one fursona so -shrugs- I guess I'll add...