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  • Yes, you certainly are a sagacious voice of reason in a land of irrationality, haha. It is refreshing.
    It sounds like a tough route - proving yourself capable would be mandatory. But if you are capable you'll evidence it, as is the scientific way. Consider this to be bouncing your final seven words back at you.

    I've been thinking about what you said, and I think I'm going to poke Reno about it. Maybe it's time to discreetly throw a few CVs out there. Cheers for the inspiration.~
    I wish I could advise you; the sum of my experience with higher education amounts to 'watching everybody who goes through it complain about their living standards'. Naivety made my choice to avoid it for me, and it was only my resourcefulness that landed me safely in this job.
    Yet, myself aside, it sounds like the benefits of the choice are making itself for you, whether it's easy or not. Going through with a new qualification is hard, and it's all worse still when a pessimistic viewpoint suggest that you're 'starting again'. Take some time to appreciate that everything you've done so far will help you here. Gonna be the best pharmacist squirrel ever~.

    Thanks for the advice. For someone like me - a chump without a degree - my resume's pretty impressive; I think I'm going to explore what it might offer me before I make any decisions. And although my time off was denied, it's not like a transfer is - yet - an impossibility.
    De-nied.~ Which is... probably a deal breaker. I'm stressed enough with this job and I've never been the type of guy to commit to something I wasn't enjoying, I've saved up resources... eh. Gotta think 'bout that one.

    Dude, I suck. You're fascinating but I never asked you what you even do. I know it's in the sciences, but..?
    Ozzy, can you link me to some kind of air freshener? I need to get rid of the smell of drama and angst. :[

    I'm bored and wage-slavery is killing my spirit; so what're you up to, sir Fantastic?
    Thanks for those wise words of wisdom dear Pineapple-Chan. From what I have seen, you have contributed so much to make so many people, including myself, either laugh, or agree with you. I'm glad to have you on these forums. Have a good one!
    Well, they also mistook another blatantly sarcastic post for whiteknighting, so.
    It's good they didn't infract you, though! I was kinda fearing you'd get banned. D:
    I'd join in, but I already received my warning for the day, so I'mma lay low for now.
    But you, good sir, you go. Go you. :3c
    I like this finance thread idea. Help me not be terrible with money pls c:
    (also Happy Christmas to the most fantastic pineapple squirrel-chan I know)
    because of you my evening will be spent looking at historical bank notes. not sure how to feel about that.
    We've replaced robber barons and redeemers with multinational CEOs and teabaggers :/ Gilded age part deux
    Your signature - the blue skies part - always makes me want to go outside. Always. >_<
    Where's it from?
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