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  • Read that your dog recently passed away and wished to offer my condolences. I've been pretty close to an animal passing, because last year my ex's dog who he was really close to had to be put down, and I was there with him and his family as the dog went to sleep. Hope you're doing okay and it's good you have another dog to help you through it.
    :3 daw, that's one of the nicest compliments I've ever gotten in that thread...and i've had some nice ones. It always means a lot when people think you're reasonable.
    Nah it's another forum goer (she doesn't pop in as much any more) called Chuchi, shes a manned lioness ^_^
    I'm actually interested, but not really dedicated. I'd appreciate it a lot, but I'm not so driven to learning it because I don't really have any reason to outside of the fun of it. It's a nice language. :>
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