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  • Yeah, there's a few of us here and there. I've been invisible for awhile because I've been lurking up until a few days ago. But yeah... welcome to the Meerkat Club... where we do stuff. :V
    Ah, thanks. ^^ It's from a long time ago, I was thinking at some point I'd come back to some skinless drawings- maybe in the summer.
    No way. Unless you do it all the time. But no, rules are there to stop disruptive behaviour, assholes, and trolls. Not to punish people for honest mistakes.
    Yeah I understand that, it makes sense.

    I'm from America as well, I've only lived in Australia for a few years and I'm going back to the US in about a month or so.

    Did your parents immigrate to the US?
    It's not everyone's forte, I feel sort of bad for pointing it out, it's a silly thing to complain about.

    When you say you're English, does that mean you're from England? If so, where abouts?
    Honestly I have no idea, I was just fucking with you. People that dress differently, poorly, weird, etc will always gets stares, transgender or not. Honestly, haters gonna hate; dress the way you want (well at least appropriately).
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