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  1. LoinRockerForever

    What the hell were the Burned Furs?

    Meh its the only reason I brand the name on myself. But heck, its the reason behind this Screen Name, I wonder how many noticed it. ⌐_⌐ but I digress, I mean its okay to have the porn around every so often, but I agree with Stypes Rant a while ago he had about people only drawing porn.
  2. LoinRockerForever

    What the hell were the Burned Furs?

    * Is a Burnt Fur, because I agree that the original fandom got fucking steamrolled with too much sex. ( I mean there is a fucking limit... )
  3. LoinRockerForever

    Anyone convert from neko to furry?

    Neko, cause I just have wings on my back, and paws for feet and hands. ( Ears are like 50/50 )
  4. LoinRockerForever

    Do you has a mate?

    I don't, but I am trying to change that.
  5. LoinRockerForever

    What Arouses You?

    ^ I knew I posted in here before, that still does it for me.
  6. LoinRockerForever

    Would you swap ears?

    Nah most headphones would work fine, I like this idea a lot.
  7. LoinRockerForever

    What Arouses You?

    Expression in then face, how the body is positioned. Acting coy, you know.
  8. LoinRockerForever

    Young Furries?

  9. LoinRockerForever

    Philadelphia....has no furries.

    Sad day for all. * alone.
  10. LoinRockerForever

    Would you swap ears?

    I trade ears with Ratchet.
  11. LoinRockerForever

    Somebody educate the newb!

  12. LoinRockerForever

    Do you like yourself?

    I like myself.
  13. LoinRockerForever

    I was looking up my hometown on Wikipedia

    Yes and the turtle is loving it.
  14. LoinRockerForever

    Dwell on this.

    Well, a scientist once told me that when you see the stars at night its a photo. Meaning that the time it takes for those other stars to reach us with their light Millions* of years have past. For all we know those stars could of burned out. * Unclear if it was thousands, or...