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    Unpopular opinions 2.0!

    Squaresoft, after merging with ENIX, has lost their way, and has produced no good games in decades, plural. Oh, Maria...
  2. lolcox

    What's your thoughts on drugs?

    I'm a fan of marijuana, and that's about it. This said, if we in the USA took an approach more like Portugal with regard to drugs, I think we'd do better as a country. My state of residence is about to start decriminalization of more drugs, with offers of help and recovery instead of jail time...
  3. lolcox

    Have you ever regretted a commission?

    I have commissioned a lot of things over the years. I'm generally thankful for each piece of art I have received, and rarely complain or ask for changes. Only when the difference between what I asked for and what I received is glaring do I typically push for a change. That said, yes, I have...
  4. lolcox

    Vegetables you hate/can't stand

    Lima beans. That's the only one I can think of that I really don't care for. I'm not completely revulsed by them, but I've put better things in my mouth... Like brussels sprouts. Sliced in half, drizzled in bacon fat, and roasted in the oven. Or cabbage. Cut into large chunks, tossed into a cast...
  5. lolcox

    Buy ticket. Win lotto. Get $10M. What do?

    $10,000,000? Pay off the rest of my existing debts. Contribute $500,000 to a scholarship fund for the University of the People (covers a surprisingly large number of people who need schooling: Over 100 students going for a four year degree, to wit) Also, finish getting my degree. Lock up at...
  6. lolcox

    Long distance realtionships

    I've been in a LDR for nearly sixteen years. It's hard, because sometimes you just want to be pet, but your people are thousands of kilometers away. The current state of Sol 3 makes it impossible for me to just go visit, as well. It also depends on the countries where people are. It would be...
  7. lolcox

    What dose your desktop look like

    Reduced the image size for the sake of the upload. I don't do desktop icons at home.
  8. lolcox

    Suggestions for Drawing Tablet?

    I'm that not-a-Wacom-fan voice in the crowd. Overpriced, overhyped, and woe be unto the person who loses or breaks the stylus pen for one. For scope, I owned a Bamboo MTE-450, before the subsequent rebranding and shuffling of the line over to Intuos (and Intuos being pushed over to Intuos Pro)...
  9. lolcox

    Your PC

    This is my desk before the move to Oregon. I've got too much clutter on my desk right now that I need to sort before I can take a current photo that includes display 3. Since the move, the only changes inside the case are two fewer hard drives (to be fixed soon, with two new drives sitting on...
  10. lolcox

    Can you do a poll for me Windows 7 vs 10

    Without touching any of the bullshit FUD that's been spouted in this thread: It all depends on your usage case for the machines in question. I maintain that there are very, very few use cases where Windows should be in a server environment. If you happen to have one of those use cases, don't...
  11. lolcox

    5/17 Site Attack

    Right. Not entirely surprised. Hopefully everyone remembered to bring a towel, or at least had the sense enough to keep anything related to their businesses that they were running through their FA accounts in another off-site location to minimize impact. If that didn't happen... LOLCOX'S QUICK...
  12. lolcox

    What operating system do you use?

    Guess I can join in the fest here. Windows 8.1 Pro x64 With Media Center is on the main desktop. Netbook that runs my mining rig is running a 32-bit build of Debian. Old PowerEdge PE850 server in the corner is due for an imaging, because it's running a craptaculously old version of Ubuntu, and...
  13. lolcox

    is linking directly to FA images OK?

    You'll probably run into a 403 - Forbidden error when trying to embed from other sites, unless the referrer is being stripped. This is by design and setup. For example, it works in a Slack instance, because our Slack instance is told to strip referrers, but someone clicking on a direct image...
  14. lolcox

    Writers! Post Your Site Suggestions Here!

    May as well breathe some life into this thread. Readability improvements are sorely needed. The two styles offered make reading stories torturous here. Tiny, sans-serifed lettering on poor color combinations makes me pass on reading things on this site. Consider redoing the text area that's...
  15. lolcox

    Bug/Site Problem: Resized images in poor jpeg quality

    yak, I'm curious: Could the overall size of a server-resized image be raised to something that would fit better with modern day displays (1920px would be plausible), but pass the image through jpegoptim at 95% --strip-all, instead of whatever library is being used to currently handle jpegs? One...