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    I need some help, or some advice.

    The elastic looks good. as long as it's around your chin and can move comfortably without slipping, you're good So far your foamwork looks good. Obviously very early, but still good for the very beginning. just be careful adding the lower jaw and make sure it attaches well to the elastic. I'd...
  2. LordMoonBiscuit

    The best part about being a (insert fursona species here)

    i got 3 best part of being a moth: -like a flying teddy bear -cool wing-tail things -flying -get hungry? eat your clothes best part of being a palm cockatoo/thylacine gryphon: -pouch for holding stuff -stripes -big-ass beak for destroying pretty much everything you hold near and dear -flying...
  3. LordMoonBiscuit

    Is using Febreze on my fursuit a bad idea?

    Never fabreeze, lysol, or any aerosol cleaner. It dosen't actually clean your suit, and errods the foam in your head and it'll eventually rip. I "cleaned" my head with lysol for years and look what happened (sorry if pic dosen't work) Now I use a rubbing alcohol/ water mix (about half and...
  4. LordMoonBiscuit

    How many yards should I order?

    Depends on the markings. For my digi suit it too roughly two yards for the legs. I'd say two yards, three of you're paranoid about not having enough. But that's just for a solid color
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    Looking for cheap fursuit commission.

    Cant of Togs! They have very cute, durable suits for a very affordable price. You should check them out.
  6. LordMoonBiscuit

    Copyrighted characters?

    Eh, it's pretty iffy to do copyrighted characters. I'd say do it yourself. There are very few makers out there who will make a copyrighted character.
  7. LordMoonBiscuit

    Please in need of a digital referance sktech, will pay 20-30$

    i could do it for you. i'm always up for commissions. here's a few examples of my refs: http://sta.sh/01pqmlg1wvq2 http://sta.sh/011m7um4ehxa http://sta.sh/01ypgjach4km (this one's still a WIP) if you're interested, pm me and we can discuss further. before i accept i would like to actually see...
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    Pay for photos

    the only kind of photography you should pay for at a furry con, hell, any convention, is a photoshoot with a professional photographer. it's insulting to people to ask them to pay for a photo, especially if it's like, a phone photo. most of it's been said already, but no, that would be a bad idea.
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    snugger or loose fitting?

    the way i see it, looser fitting suits will give you more range of motion. they're good for really active characters or dancers etc. snugger fit looks better for certain characters, but i feel would restrict motion. i have an old portal cosplay jumpsuit that was way too small for me, so it was...
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    Fursuit shedding/brushing question

    super normal, especially with new stuff. makers will typically brush out your suit, but large things like body suits will take a while to brush. when i was brushing out a new yard of fur, i got a ton of loose hairs from it. i guess newer fabric has a lot of loose hairs for whatever reason.
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    My first suit was actually from furbuy. a deer partial that, although not perfect, is still pretty cute. i got him for only $100; it was the steal of the century. furbuy is a hit or miss. sometimes you find some really, really good suits or suit parts on there for lower prices, but most of the...
  12. LordMoonBiscuit

    Purchase a Sweater

    sweater? like itchy knit sweater like this? http://atmfashionsbd.net/products/SweaterPicture/Men/Sweater01.jpg when you say hood, i think you mean hoodie. there are many custom hoodie makers out there, all for pretty reasonable prices. here's a couple examples: http://lemonbratcustoms.com/ |...
  13. LordMoonBiscuit

    Looking for "Troll" hair?

    if you want really long stuff (more than 3 inches) you can go get some black/smoky colored accent fur from NFT. their stuff is fantastic, but it costs a fortune to get a lot of it. here's their site if you want to take a peak http://www.nftech.com/
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    Members by Species

    LordMoonBiscuit Cockatoo Griffin Gryphon
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    Any Bizarre Fursonas?

    Well i don't have an invertebrate sona, but i have a palm cockatoo/thylacine griffin sona. i havn't seen anything else like her anywhere :/ http://th00.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2014/175/2/5/i_m_fluffy_and_angry__by_lordmoonbiscuit-d7nroce.png