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  1. Lovely

    Looking for my first fursona drawing

    I'm interested! My prices are here: docs.google.com: GENERAL COMMISSION PRICES
  2. Lovely

    Need a picture of a toony fox (Closed)

    I'm interested! My prices are here: docs.google.com: GENERAL COMMISSION PRICES
  3. Lovely

    Looking for a Headshot, $20 Budget

    My shaded headshots are $20!
  4. Lovely

    Hooman Arts Needed

    Hello! I believe I am within your budget. My prices are here: docs.google.com: GENERAL COMMISSION PRICES
  5. Lovely

    LF Profile picture for new Sona

    I'm interested! Here are some examples of my work. My price for shaded headshots is $20.
  6. Lovely

    Looking for ref sheet commisions for fox fursona. Budget is between $40-80.

    Hello! My ref sheet prices are here and within your budget: docs.google.com: REFERENCE SHEET PRICES
  7. Lovely

    Character conversion

    Hello, I am interested! I don't currently offer sketch commissions but if a sketchy style is something you'd like I can work with that. My prices range from $25-32 for full bodies and I'm done dragons and dinos in the past! I'll link any examples here that may interest you. My other prices and...
  8. Lovely

    Seeking Ref Sheet or Art!~ [$60-$80~]

    My prices range from $45-$80 for ref sheets depending on how complex you want the sheet to be. I have a google doc with all the info here: docs.google.com: REFERENCE SHEET PRICES Here's the last sheet I did! More examples on the doc.
  9. Lovely

    Lovely's Commissions (Ref Sheets + Art)

    Hello! I draw both furries and humans so if you have either of those please take a look at my examples! I keep my prices and TOS on google docs to make things easier in case I need to update prices. Here are my general commissions: docs.google.com: GENERAL COMMISSION PRICES Prices range from...
  10. Lovely

    [Closed] Looking for a D&D Character Design (Kenku Warlock, $20-30 Budget)

    A flat fullbody for me is $25 + $5 fee if the character doesn't have a drawn reference! So a total of $30. My full sheet is here if you wanted to check anything else that's in your range: GENERAL COMMISSION PRICES - Google Docs While I don't currently having any Kenku (actually considering...
  11. Lovely

    Looking to commission a reference sheet and possibly an icon of my wolf fursona. Budget $40-60 USD

    I have my reference sheet prices here! REFERENCE SHEET PRICES - Google Docs You'd be able to get an unshaded advanced sheet for $60! Or if you're looking for a sheet and a headshot I can do a basic sheet ($45 front and back) and a shaded icon for $15 (they're normally $20) Here's an example...
  12. Lovely

    **ON HOLD AS I EVALUATE CURRENT OPTIONS**Looking for Anthro Siberian Tiger Ref Sheet

    Hello! I'm interested in working with you. For your price you could get an unshaded ref sheet with two views and up to 4 add-ons (closeups of the markings, paws, tail, what have you). Here are two examples of my advanced sheets with a more realistic vs a cartoony style (minus the side view for...
  13. Lovely

    Buying NSFW art

    I'm interested! I have a few examples here of NSFW art: www.furaffinity.net: YCH for StardustTransformed [1/2] by ALovelyLynx www.furaffinity.net: [YCH] Marigold by ALovelyLynx (this one is humanoid but its my most recent) www.furaffinity.net: Estel Pin-up (NSFW) by ALovelyLynx For a single...