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    Works in Progress!

    Out of desperation, I decided to commit what I consider to be a sinful act against another fandom: creating furry fan art out of non-furry characters. But it's significantly less sinful than turning non-furry characters into ponies so I can't say I feel guilty for it. Couple of anatomy issues I...
  2. Lucidic

    Dubs or subs?

    Sub, all the way. I just feel like keeping the show in its original language keeps the experience more raw and authentic. But if I'm drawing: Dub, obviously. If I find myself liking the dub of that series, I'll stick with that dub. Happened with Saiki K.
  3. Lucidic

    Does anyone know how to get over a deep period of loneliness

    I honestly clicked on this thread just to find this one comment.
  4. Lucidic

    Things you don't like about yourself

    >My inability to be quick and fluent with my words and responses in irl conversations. Or just an inability to be quick-witted in general. I have weird habits of stuttering and forgetting what certain words are. Leaves me either stopping mid sentence to figure it out or I'll use really bad...
  5. Lucidic

    (Subjectively) Awful Music Videos/Songs That Make You Laugh

    A song that doesn't need a music video because the lyrics speak for themselves.
  6. Lucidic

    Being single

    I've stayed single my whole ass 18 year life and have kinda gained a fear towards dating. Every time someone close to me (friends and family alike) get into a relationship, they end up stressed out with numerous problems and ultimately become unhappy being in one. Not exaggerating when I say...
  7. Lucidic

    What was the last thing you purchased ?

    Tom Yum and Chicken Satay. First time having them. They were pretty decent.
  8. Lucidic

    How angry are you?

    In hindsight, I'm always huffing over something goofy. Literally spent the last 10 minutes screeching over something stupid and..I still am really seething over it. But internally, I'm usually always feeling content and extremely happy so I'm not actually angry. Just overly excited. But when I...
  9. Lucidic

    Gotta be honest, I feel like I'm trying to hack up a hairball right now.

    Gotta be honest, I feel like I'm trying to hack up a hairball right now.
  10. Lucidic

    Meet Local Furries

    I live in this country: United States (Illinois except this state is a goddamn train wreck) My age is: 18 My gender is: Female My sexuality is: Bi and big stupid My hobbies include: Gaming (weeb games; enough said), drawing, exercising, listening to weird assortments of music, sometimes watching...
  11. Lucidic

    Fantasy vs. Sci-Fi vs. Mundane

    I love basic and realistic, goofy slice of life stories so by this poll I mainly lean towards mundane. But what I've found myself enjoying the most are those mostly mundane SOL settings with small additions of unique advanced sci-fi/technology/potentially fantasy that is either normal within...
  12. Lucidic

    How do you keep it together?

    I mean, I refuse to let surrounding issues weigh me down and stop me from doing what I enjoy. And frankly, I feel like some people forget how important it is to find solice in solitude but...this is coming from an introvert.
  13. Lucidic

    Which Furry Phrase(s) Describe You Best?

    Does "having more bark than bite" count?
  14. Lucidic

    Body hair on men; aye or nae?

    I'm not too fond of guys, but the most I would say is to just shave your armpits and trim or shave your nether region. I probably won't complain at that point. Beards are usually fine; chest hair is whatever; arms, legs and back, who cares.