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    You kids and your emoticons!

  2. Luki

    The Internet: friend or foe?

    I love it, it connects us to the whole world. It's great for my passion, which is learning languages. I'd be lost without it ;p I'd hardly find anyone to talk in English with and keep honing my skills in the backwater town I live, for example ~ Much less other languages, like Japanese -3-
  3. Luki

    Should I email my former teacher

    She probably doesn't even remember you, if that's the kind of teacher she is.
  4. Luki

    What's your definition of a creep?

    Social awkwardness is most people's view on it, I guess.
  5. Luki

    The wealth building thread

    Despite being a good thread, someone seems to be bitter at you, one-starring it for no reason...
  6. Luki

    do furry girls play morenatsu?

    Yes, some girls like seeing m/m, same with guys enjoying f/f stuff.
  7. Luki

    The Importance of friendship?

    I do feel as close to my best friends as I do to my family, if not a bit closer. We've known one another since we were kids, so it's kinda natural. However , there are some family members I'm on bad terms with. I don't think being related makes me owe anything to them. They don't earn my love...
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    The weird thing about weirdness

    It's mostly being the "very silent" type of weird that makes people wary of you.
  9. Luki

    Why do Furries love Steven Universe?

    Well, it's certainly one of the better kid shows out there nowadays. That uncle grandpa abomination comes to mind.
  10. Luki

    How many Furries know what "Space Opera" is?

    What's the point of an opera in space if sound does not propagate there?
  11. Luki

    American food is unhealthy: truth or myth? What about GMOs?

    The thing that scares me the most are deep fried everythings... Like...ew. I already can't stand "regular" deep fried things,like chips, and then I see the things some people eat...*barf*
  12. Luki

    Why do Furries love Steven Universe?

    I've seen the kids here watching it a few times, that Garnet lady looks super cool.
  13. Luki

    Ever been afraid of sleeping?

    Dying in our sleep sounds terrifying to me. I'd like to know when it's coming, instead of passing out of the blue like that.
  14. Luki

    Which age group do you find the most attractive?

    Certain people can make any age look good.
  15. Luki


    I struggle to look upon with rapists and remorseless killers with anything other than contempt. I can't bring myself to feel sympathy for them.