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  1. Lunneus

    What is your birthstone?

    lol I've got Ruby too. I used to hate it so much as a kid cause green was my fav color. I like it now though... but July is still a hell month. like literally. it's a million degrees all the time.
  2. Lunneus

    Your fictional character crush

    Mine has been Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho since I was like... 8. Granted, prolly shouldn't have been watching that at 8 but oh well. I mean the guy can grow the perfect garden, is respectful, and can eat someone with a plant. what more do you want?
  3. Lunneus

    Your fursona goes to a cafe...

    Kay'd order a vanilla latte and go relax inside somewhere. Either next to a window or, if they have plants, wherever the plants are.
  4. Lunneus

    Vent Thread

    It kinda blows when you at least try to make an effort to engage in whatever your friend is excited/passionate about, even when you really have no interest in it, but then they don't really reciprocate that much unless it's something they can tie back into their own interests so they cna get...
  5. Lunneus

    Howdy y’all

    Greetings and welcomes! Getting better at art is pretty tough, but so rewarding in the end! Make sure to use lots of references, it will save your life (and sanity lol)
  6. Lunneus

    Tell me about your pet(s)!

    I've got 5 cats, their names are Skie, Stormy, Goldie, Toulouse, and Polka-Dot They're all so goofy and spoiled rotten. So spoiled you could smell them a mile away. Skie is incredibly lazy. if you try to move him out of them way when he's laying down, instead of getting up he'll just roll over...
  7. Lunneus

    What's With All The NSFW Hate Lately?

    I've seen quite a few folks on twitter being really abrasive about nsfw content, like they're not saying to remove it but they're being really nasty about it, particularly towards people who enjoy it. Personally i'd like to see a little more sfw content on the front page of fa, but it's...
  8. Lunneus

    (Commission) Selling: Lunney's Art Shop! $10usd - $65usd [OPEN]

    Just reopened commissions and updated the prices in the op!
  9. Lunneus

    Make Something to Eat for the User Above You

    What looks to be a sushi roll but it's really just candy
  10. Lunneus

    What are sounds/noises that you can't absolutely STAND?

    I can't stand knocking on the door and children crying. Or people crying loudly. It's such an irritating sound like ugh. and the knocking thing is especially bad when there's a doorbell right. there.
  11. Lunneus

    I love it when....

    ... no ones home and everything's perfectly quiet.
  12. Lunneus

    Game: bad genies

    Granted, you have an instant understanding of every aspect of calculus, you could solve them in your sleep. Any other subject though.. you might have some trouble. I wish I didn't have a cold.
  13. Lunneus

    Free Art: PokeMonday

    Awesome!!! It looks so good :D these are the goodest buggy boyos~