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    Server Hardware Fault

    I got a friend who's offering an IBM eServer p570. 16 CPUs, 64 GB RAM. Personally, I don't belive him. Dragoneer, he wants yer mailing address so he can send it to you. I dun have his contact info on me, though if you email me (It's in my profile somewhere), I could prolly get that info for ya...
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    Places you've lived

    Here they are, in order (hometown is where I grew up, as I was to young to remember my birth town) Hometown: Stockholm, NJ Pittsburgh, PA Hometown Aberdeen, MD Hometown Plum, PA Hometown Jacksonville, FL Hometown My hometown is pretty much my fallback point if things turn sour....
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    What is (or was) your school's mascot?

    grade school 1: hornet grade school 2: wildcat high school: mustang
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    Minors selling adult comissions

    Of course, if it's an honest-to-goodness question about anatomy, even more mature anatomy, it should be a-ok coming from a minor. I mean, should educational websites meant for teens take down their anatomical diagrams? Of course not, that's just silly.... and some are almost photo-realistic...
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    About these new colours.

    It's in yer user control panel, in account settings, towards the bottom. You can switch between light and dark
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    Minors selling adult comissions

    Yeh... FA could get screwed over something like this, and that's with just federal law... But I'l sure my wonder homestate of New Jersey would find a way to make it even worse... it's good at that... >.>
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    Petition to Keep April Fool's Change

    Fender makes a hott dwaggy... but I like fuzziness As for the colors, I vote to keep 'em ^^