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  1. Lusuni

    Anybody On Here Straight Edge?

    Does this mean sex too? (can be quite addictive or possibly harmful) haha but still why would you not have sex? It can be fantastic.
  2. Lusuni

    Members by Species

    Name: Lusuni Species: Wolf and Sabertooth Tiger Category: Canid or Hybrid
  3. Lusuni

    Requests open

    Thank you so much <3 I love it!
  4. Lusuni

    Greet newsona!

    Really awesome. I love the artwork. I think the fursona is captured perfectly (especially his ambition). Great name as well.
  5. Lusuni

    Extreme anxiety when posting arts

    I always post with the idea in my head that "absolutely no way in hell is anyone going to think this is cool" yet someone always favorites it no matter how bad or rushed I feel it is (which is flattering). I would agree with just post your work for yourself.
  6. Lusuni

    Furry vs feral

    I feel like "feral" drawn characters are still anthropomorphic. Their representations more often than not still look like the characters have human characteristics. Maybe I'm bias though too. I still see my fursona as being a "kitsune" of sorts (just a wolf with many tails instead of a fox...
  7. Lusuni

    Dragon Fursuit Without Fur?

    Yeah, the leather would probably be super heavy and hard to shape a head out of too (But it would be so so badass). Good luck on making your suit!
  8. Lusuni

    Dragon Fursuit Without Fur?

    Better yet maybe you could modify already made leather scale armor. Here is a Leather scale armor kit on Etsy. https://www.etsy.com/listing/184884628/long-rounded-scale-armor-kit?ref=related-2
  9. Lusuni

    Requests open

    I love them! Especially Horsefur's floating companion <3! Are you still taking requests? I would absolutely love one of Lusuni. refs: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/lusuni/
  10. Lusuni

    Hello everyone!

    Love seeing you on the forum games.
  11. Lusuni

    Any Bizarre Fursonas?

    I guess my fursona is a saber tooth wolf which is kind of cat-like. I don't know if that's rare though and I'm certainly not the first to think of it.
  12. Lusuni

    Hey! Wanna Chat?

    Hi CloudHusky, I'm super new to the fandom too.
  13. Lusuni

    Hereditary Furry-ism

    It's likely you just both happen to like animals, cartoons, furry things, and whatever.