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  1. Lycanthropictendancies

    Strangest/Weirdest place you've fallen asleep.

    Perched on the top of a two-hundred foot steel erection. :p I work in construction driving tower cranes. Sometimes you work on a quiet site where not much is happening. As long as you can answer the radio when they call you, who's going to know or care ;) Usually make sure I've got a pillow...
  2. Lycanthropictendancies

    How would you react to aliens?

    "Can I see your landing permit, and have you undergone Quarantine procedures?" ;) Then I might see if there were any business opportunities, introducing advanced technology and medicine to Earth. If not, I'd ask if there were any decent job opportunities elsewhere in the galaxy.
  3. Lycanthropictendancies

    Brittish furs

    Another British fur here, down in the sunny south near Brighton. Biggest regular meets are in London, but plenty of other smaller regional meets scattered about the country.