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    "Your account has been hijacked/disabled."

    Edit: Never mind.
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    Here's a suggestion: Make the site compatible with PicLens. It's an awesome way to browse images, and it already works with DeviantArt.
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    Account hacking

    Would it be possible to get a list of the names from the leaked password list, so people on it know to go change all their passwords?
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    Petition to Keep April Fool's Change

    /signed Keep it as an option for those of us who prefer darker colors. Maybe make it an alternate stylesheet?
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    Is it just me...

    I'm just here to echo the "keep it as an option" sentiment. I like the current colors much better than the normal ones.
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    Navigation Revamp

    Not the front page, just the forums. Besides, the front page looks like shit after they redesigned it.
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    Navigation Revamp

    I find it amusing that you have Something Awful listed under "other interesting aspects of the furry community". SA is the last site I'd associate with anything furry-related.
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    a surpassing fine new banner

    Then why is it still available? Also: In the default template, is there a way to move the nav links from the left side to somewhere (anywhere) else? Having them there shoves everything else to the right and wastes that column of space from the bottom of the donate button on down.
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    a surpassing fine new banner

    I tried that and I'm still getting the Feb banner.
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    a surpassing fine new banner

    The header banner on the 'default_old' template is still the February banner. Since setting your template to the old one seems to use that one on some pages but not others, I'm getting the March banner on the homepage and my messages page, but I'm getting the Feb banner on user pages and...
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    um, guys . . .

    I had -3, when I really had 3 subs and a journal. After clearing those out, I have -7. :D Edit: -7 appears to be my new zero.
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    Are you sure you want to clear your messages? YES!

    I rarely have anything in that portion of the message center outside of journals, but I always use the "all" button at the bottom. That's why it bugged me. Also, I don't know if the layout is different with the "new" template, but I've never had a problem with hitting the wrong button, and I...
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    Are you sure you want to clear your messages? YES!

    It doesn't mess up anything in an irreversible way; if you don't like what a script does, uninstall it. And incidentally, the GM script didn't work for me, just a few minutes ago; I still got the "Are you sure?" popup. YES I'M SURE, THAT'S WHY I CLICKED SELECT ALL THEN REMOVE MESSAGES...
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    Are you sure you want to clear your messages? YES!

    And I'd rather not have to click that extra time. If you check your messages more often, you'd probably have less of a buildup. Then again, I use Firefox. I open all the arts/journals I want to read in new tabs, then Select All/Remove Selected. It's very rare that I've mistakenly cleared a...
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    Are you sure you want to clear your messages? YES!

    THANKS FOR YOUR PRODUCTIVE CONTRIBUTION TO THE THREAD! :roll: Seriously, most people find it more annoying than useful. If you have nothing constructive to say on either side of the issue, STFU.